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The 7 Most Common Business Problems

  1. Waiting to long to fix a problem (Over-thinking or avoiding instead of doing)
  2. Failure to understand the need to constantly execute marketing and sales plans for NEW customers (Profitable Growth)
  3. Failure to hire the right type of person for the job (Hiring Smart)
  4. Failure to delegate; owners do too much, failing to leverage their time (Time)
  5. Unwillingness to professionally resolve family business issues (Family)
  6. Failure to set aside non-working hours to plan and set goals for the future. (Planning and goals)
  7. Failure to engaging in relationships and activities outside the business (Get A Life)

Client Results
"Idea Firm has forced us to think more about the value we bring to the table for our employees and clients. They share new and simple strategies for managing our business growth."
John E. President Akron